4 Fail-Safe Toddler-Activities to do as a Family

At the end of last year, we were very very caught up with the Fall activities and the holiday buzz. Thankfully, we welcomed a wonderful slow-down at the start of the year and did a lot of local family-friendly activities, which allowed us to explore our town and learn the activities work for us best as a family. So I’ve come up with a list (with tips) of the spaces we take our toddler to get her wiggles out. Best part is, with Springtime just around the corner, we will have a lot more time to get out of the house!

Local Parks-The most obvious one to take anybody of any age is the local park, especially when the weather is nice. There’s space to run around, playgrounds, and ultimately enjoy the great outdoors. We have a small park, literally 2 minutes from our house, which is extremely convenient. With Aisha, we love taking her in the morning. She’s full of energy, especially after her breakfast and it’s a perfect spot for her to get her wiggles out. So here’s what we do: ensure she’s fed and has gone to the bathroom/has a clean diaper, pack a snack & water, and head out. After an hour of playtime, she’s good to come back home.

Restaurants-So honestly, restaurants are can be tricky with littles. However, it got easier for us when Aisha started showing curiosity at what we were eating at the dinner table. Therefore, we realized that she would rather eat her food while sitting with us than in her high chair. As a result, we found her favorite food every restaurant so she could participate! Here’s how: she’ll eat all types of breads, chicken, grains, eggs, and cheese just about everywhere-which covers nearly everything at a restaurant. Ordering her favorite, plus having some crayons for coloring, she stays happy at any restaurant!

Grocery Stores-Not the most glamorous activity, but Aisha loves going to the grocery stores. She gets to eat her favorite snack and loves being my assistant in putting things in the basket. Plus, depending on where we go, she either gets a balloon, some stickers, or free food samples to keep her interested as we complete the trip. Plus errands get done at the same time.

Kid-Friendly Spots-And finally, one cannot go wrong with designated kid-friendly spots: a trampoline park (See post), a toddler class (see post), or museum. They make for wonderful memories and kiddos stay happy!

So those are my top 4 toddler-friendly activities that have worked for us thus far. What ideas do you have for taking your littles?


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  1. February 22, 2023 / 2:43 pm

    Your posts are always so helpful. I’m sure many new moms will find this informative- plus is simple activities too!

    • February 23, 2023 / 1:33 pm

      Thats the intention! thank you always for your support Komal!

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