3 Ways to Stay Present During the Holidays

So let me paint a picture: It’s the Christmas season: there are freshly baked goods on my kitchen counter, with a cozy lit candle, and a perfectly decorated home-sounds amazing right? But in my life, it’s impossible. With multiple local holiday events, Christmas shopping, and the daily responsibilities of running a household, I can’t do it all. Being my first Christmas with my daughter in California, I want to do all the things and take Aisha everywhere. However, I’m learning that wanting everything to be perfect is taking away from the most important thing: being present. So here are a few ways we, moms, can be present during the holidays.

Sticking to a Healthy Routine-Let’s face it: there’s a lot going on, and of course we want to do everything, but why not incorporate things in the daily routines? For example, Aisha has a good amount of play time she enjoys after dinner. So we use those times take for Christmas lights rounds. She enjoys it, feels the festivities, and we make some wonderful memories. Another thing I love doing with Aisha is taking her Christmas shopping, so we end up doing that together during our errands time.

Finding Joy in the Little Things-So I know I can’t cook or decorate my way to happiness, and keeping track of everything is a lot. However I love being able to make memories with my little family. Whether it is seeing my daughter’s face light up when she sees the Christmas lights or teaching her not to touch the baubles that are already on the Christmas tree or finding the Snowman Advent calendar at Target-finding joy in these small things is allowing me to just live in the moment in this busy busy time.

Putting the Phone Away-The most obvious thing is to literally put the phone away to be present in the moment to create those magical memories. There is so much to experience with all of our senses that we just need to take it all in and fully embrace. That is one thing I definitely try to do with Aisha-this time of the year and otherwise. Plus, there’s something very very special about being present in the moment isn’t it?

So as 2022 comes to a close and we enjoy Christmas and New Years with our family and friends, let’s remember to be present in the moment and take it all in :). This will be my final blog post of 2022. I’ll be taking some time off to enjoy the festivities and regroup. Here’s hoping for a stronger 2023. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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  1. December 28, 2022 / 7:28 pm

    This is such a great blog post topic! I love that you still keep Aisha’s healthy routine of playtime but still incorporate Christmas elements like seeing lights. ❤️

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