3 Reasons why Mornings are the Best

3 Reasons why Mornings are the Best

One of the most common dialogues I’ve heard since moving to India:

“I can’t get up in the morning”

Said by every 2nd person I meet.

Nothing wrong with it of course, but it is definitely something I’ve facepalmed at every time I hear it. Maybe it’s where or how I grew up, but waking up in the morning was essentially ingrained into my brain from childhood. Because of that, mornings eventually became my preferred time of the day, and it continued after I moved here. Now, mornings are literally the best part of my day, and here’s why:…

Super Quiet: Being one of the only ones up in the morning is so peaceful. I’m usually the first one up, and it is so quiet. It feels as if nobody else is awake except for me, and that time is just mine :). I actually never quite experienced the luxury of the quiet until I moved to India, and I fell in love with it! While living in the States, I was definitely part of that morning buzz crowd, but even then the energy was contagious.

Workout: My mornings are truly the best time to work out. The time is mine, and I get it out of the way before the day has even began :). I love using the mornings to catch up on YouTube while working out in the home gym, or going to my morning pilates or yoga classes before the city is awake. Within the first 2 hours of my day, my workout is done!

My Typical breakfast is a fried egg on a garlic toast!

Breakfast: Breakfast is literally the best meal of the day. Even on vacation, I’ll wake up on time to eat breakfast and go back to sleep after if needed. Pancakes, Eggs, French Toast, Waffles, Fruits, Coffee….seriously what’s not to love?? Out of the three daily meals, the one meal that happens in the morning hours is what I look forward to the most! :D.

To me, mornings are truly the best time of the day. The beginning of my day sets the tone for the rest, so it’s very important that it starts off well. Thats all for now! xoxo


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