3 Reasons to Travel During Off-Season

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know that I’ve been on vacation in Coorg. It was so beautiful and serene that I was in awe. The best part was that I went during the “off-season” tourist time, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This vacation got me thinking that in so many ways, off-season is so much better, and here’s why:

  • Less Crowd: Non-tourist season means lesser tourists, hence lesser crowd. Need I say more? My husband and I went to Coorg last week, which was during the monsoon. If you Google when is the best time to travel to Coorg, it’ll tell you that the winter months are the best. I’m sure that is the case. HOWEVER, through traveling during the non-Winter month…aka off season, the lesser crowd was a beautiful thing. More attentive staff, no lines, super easy to make my spa appointment. Loved it.
  • It’s Own Beauty: Despite the rain, monsoon in the mountains was beautiful. The misty weather and fog settling in the mountains was breathtaking. We all tend to look for those bright sunny days. However, through this trip I was reminded how beautiful mist, rain, lush green, and fog can be. Definitely worth it.
  • Better Deals: This is simple. Off-season, lesser tourists, hence better hotel deals, flight deals, and maybe even tour deals. Theres no other way of saying that.

So I’ve been back maybe 3 days now, and already hoping I get another getaway soon. What can I say…I have the travel bug. Until next time!


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