3 Reasons to Embrace Change

3 Reasons to Embrace Change

I recently got told that I’ve changed, and two thoughts came to mind:

  1. Good! I’m glad! Everyone evolves
  2. Why do people say “you’ve changed” and mean it negatively?

I had these two completely different thoughts going through my head. However, it was mostly the first one, which got me to realize that change is the only constant. Through my personal journey, I’ve learned that there are a lot of things I just don’t want to tolerate anymore, indicating a sign of outgrowing certain habits. My self-care journey has helped me realize that all this change is a part of the process. Therefore, Change is a good thing, and here’s why.

Pushed out of Comfort Zone: As much as we all hate it, we definitely need it every now and then. Once we’re pushed out of our comfort zone, our assumptions, opinions, mindset are all tested and challenged. As a result, we are forced to find new ways to articulate, which can get extremely overwhelming. However, through my experience, being pushed out of my has definitely helped me grow, which brings me to my next point!

Growth: Through change, our minds are expanding and we gain a strength we never knew we had. In other words, we are all learning about ourselves. In the last few months, I found myself transitioning from one version of myself to the other, making me closer to who I aspire to be as an individual. The growth phase was definitely an uncomfortable one, but looking back it was definitely worth it.

Better Life: As we open our minds to change, we begin to say YES a lot more, which brings out more opportunities and experiences. Who doesn’t want that?? Bottom line is, when change is happening, it’s tough and annoying; but its for a reason and we have to go with it. So it’s time to embrace change!

Thats all for now :). Ciao!


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