3 Best things About Halloween

3 Best things About Halloween

Now that Diwali is over, the focus has moved to Halloween. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, and I have such fond memories of it growing up from the costumes to the trick-or-treating. In my adult life, I haven’t done a lot for Halloween each year, but I still enjoy seeing a good costume with some crazy makeup or a good Halloween party. I haven’t explored the Halloween scene here in India, but I hear things happening here and there, and I’m happy that its getting more and more popular each year. Contrary to the stereotypical Halloween spirit, I hate scary movies and I’m not the biggest fan of haunted houses. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things I do love about Halloween, and here those are!

  • Costumes: Halloween brings about a different kind of dressing up. You get to choose a character to embrace with a full-on costume or mixing your own clothes and enjoy an evening. You can go a little outrageous with the makeup or go as extra as possible with the props and it’s so much fun. I remember in school my mom used to do my makeup to fit the costume and I always enjoyed it!
  • Decorations: Have you seen how amazing Halloween decorations can be? Its crazy! I’m even pleasantly surprised to see the decorations in the party stores here in India. It’s kind of awesome.
  • Pumpkin Spice: I always get so excited when Starbucks says Pumpkin Spice is back. This year was no exception. To me, pumpkin resonates with everything autumnal: cooler weather, happier atmosphere, and Halloween. So definitely into that Pumpkin aspect!

So there you have it, the top 3 best things (in my opinion) about Halloween. If not this year, I hope one year soon, I can dress up and go out on Halloween and just play! Happy Halloween! and be Safe!


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