2 Simple Hacks on Dealing with Last Minute Schedule Changes

2 Simple Hacks on Dealing with Last Minute Schedule Changes

One of the most frustrating things about living in India is the constant last minute schedule changes due to factors beyond our control-whether it is something stupid like horrible weather or traffic to something more valid like a family engagement or medical emergency: there are a lot of last minute things that just come up and flip a daily schedule upside down. This last week, I encountered more last minute changes in my schedule than I’m used to within a week’s time period. Frankly, it got extremely frustrating. I found myself getting irritated and anxious about how something else has interfered with my schedule and I kept dwelling on how I will get everything on my list done. However, these changes are a part of our lives right? So we definitely have to cope with them somehow. Personally, I’ve come up with a set of guidelines to follow to cope and handle last minute changes and requests and I still refer to it when I have moments of frustration. Check it out below!

Pause. Deep Breath: The first step is to just pause, consider, and take a few deep breathes. So whenever a wrench gets thrown into our plans, we tend to get anxious and overwhelmed and feel the need to rush through things. Through situations like this, I’ve found my anxiety getting the best of me. To calm myself down, I take deep breaths to center my mind and get reoriented, and it definitely helps. It serves as a reminder that the world isn’t going to end and everything will get done.

Have a Contingency Plan: The next step is to always have a Plan B in the back of your mind. For myself, I have a list of tasks/events I want to get through within a given day, and the most satisfactory thing is to cross off an item on that checklist once it’s complete. However, things do happen and I don’t get through the entire list so then you either move things around, multi-task a little bit, or keep it as your “goal for the week” to get it done sometime within the week. If something doesn’t get done today, it’ll get done tomorrow.

So there you have it. Through our busy lives, we make all sorts of plans and life can sometimes get in the way of that, and we’re required to divert our attention elsewhere. Whenever that happens, we have to remember not to be too hard on ourselves and acknowledge that everything will get done and fall into place: just take a deep breath and have back up plan. Sometimes the changes work as blessings!

You got this!


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