2 Items I’ve Purchased to Stay Organized in 2023

Hello 2023! Happy New Year to everyone! Welcome to the first month, first week, and first blog post of the new year. I hope all of you hade a wonderful holiday season. I for one welcomed the break, but by the end I was ready to hit the ground running and get started again. I often advise others to take a break to step back and relax, yet I usually don’t listen to my own advise. That is until now I took the week of Christmas and New Years off and just enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing time. In that time, I did some prep work the this month of January-which included buying a couple of organizational bits to keep things going in 2023! So here are those items!

Time Marked Water Bottle-So if you’ve been followingme for awhile now, you’d know that I used to have a time marked water bottle in India-which was a lifesaver.When I moved to California, I left that water bottle there, but I did use a plain, stainless steel one. I was pretty good about drinking my water from that, but as the weather cooled, my water intake reduced and I found myself forgetting to drink water yet again. So after multiple weeks of trying to remind myself to drink water, I finally gave in and got an anti-spill time-marked water bottle which is a pretty color and has uplifting affirmations. What’s not to like in that?And with drinking water more regularly now, I can see my skin is better, I have more energy, and I’m just feeling better overall. You can check out that water bottle in my Amazon store here.

Family Organizer-Another thing that I’ve been using for years is a planner, especially since after having Aisha, and my mommy brain still forgets everything. However, this year I took the planner up a notch and got my hands on a family organizer: which has space for daily and weekly planning, plus meal prep and grocery list space. All the items I need to keep organized in one spot. That. Is. Fantastic. I’ve just started using it, but I love it already. It’s easy, everything I do regularly is in one place, and it has STICKERS! How fun is that?! You can check that out in my Amazon store as well.

So those are two items I have purchased thus far. I feel I may be missing something in my organizational structure. What items do you guys use to stay organized??


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  1. January 4, 2023 / 8:38 pm

    A good planner is key! I have been using the Happy Planner for YEARS and LOVE it. Also, we have the same water bottle.

    • January 5, 2023 / 1:24 pm

      Oh I will have to try that planner next time! These water bottles are truly the best!

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