2 Festive Makeup Tips to be Lit this Diwali

Hello Diwali Week! Diwali is less than one week away and you can finally feel a festive flutter in the air with the parties, expos, and all the color floating around. Of course with everything happening there is a lot of dressing up and we’re always trying to look the best we can. Being my 5th Diwali in India, I’ve boiled the Diwali look down to 2 basic guidelines. Of course nobody, by any means, has to follow them, but these are guidelines I follow to create my perfect Diwali look.

Sparkle!-I recently read a caption on Instagram that said it is officially “sparkle season.” I loved that take on the festive time of the year, and I realized it to be true. So when it comes to glamming up for the Diwali events, one rule I follow is to (well) sparkle. Whether it is glitter on my eyes, a shimmering highlight, a shimmering lip color, or a combination of them; I’m all about adding a little shine. By the time Diwali comes around, the warmer weather is finally over-and with that so is that minimalistic makeup look, which means it’s time to go full glam and have a little fun. So with whatever look you’re going for-add a little sparkle!

Play With Color-Whether it is the rangolis or the outfits, Diwali is a time where all the colors come out. So definitely play up with colors-from outfits to makeup to accessories. For some reason, this season I am gravitating towards more neutral colored outfits-yet adding pops of color with my makeup and my accessories. I love using this time of the year as a chance to play with color by adding rich colors to my eyes or a bold lip color to make my Diwali look much more glamourous.

So those are two super easy, super basic guidelines one can follow for the festive season. Add some sparkle and color however you want because it’s fun to play and glam up! So go for it! Wishing you all a Happy Diwali! Love and Light!


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